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Dogs can communicate with humans in many ways. They make it clear when they are happy, and they also let us know if something is wrong by showing fear or anger. But what about when a dog doesn’t feel like speaking?

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How to Keep Your Pet Safe in an Emergency?


It’s important to think about how you and your pets might fare during a disaster. You can make sure that everyone is safe by having emergency supplies, being prepared for an evacuation plan – including shelter and food – as well as reducing the burden on first responders who have limited resources in times of need.

Create a pet emergency kit with necessary supplies

  • Blanket for cold weather or warmth in case of fire
  • Extra water and food (this is especially important during the winter months)
  • Toys to keep your pet occupied
  • Medications, including flea repellent, heartworm prevention medication, etc.
  • Bedding and a carrier/crate if you have room for them in your emergency kit
  • Collar with ID tag attached so that someone can identify your animal should it get lost or separated from its home area. Name of pet’s owner; phone number where they can be contacted at all times; address where the animal lives; doctor’s contact information in case there are any medical issues.

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Make sure your pets have identification tags and microchips

A lot of people think that this is just for their cats and dogs, but it’s important to remember your small animals as well! You want to get identification tags or microchips on them so you know who they are if there is a disaster. And don’t forget about the importance of wearing ID at all times too!

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