Dog Eye Gunk- How to Clean It, When to Worry?

A dog’s eye is one of the most delicate parts of their body. While your pup may not be able to tell you when something is wrong, they will let you know by either scratching or rubbing their face on the ground. When this happens, it might be time for a trip to the vet! However, there are some simple things that can help prevent these problems from happening in the first place. We’re going to talk about how to clean your pup’s eyes and what signs warrant concern if you notice them!

What Is Dog Eye Gunk?

Dog eye gunk is the term used to refer to a build-up of secretions in your dog’s eyes. These often include oils, pus and blood among other things that accumulate around their face due to scratching or rubbing at their eyes. You will know when there is an accumulation because they may be swollen or red. In some cases, dogs have been known to develop corneal ulcers as well which can result in scarring over time leading to blindness if left untreated!

In general, this condition happens most commonly with long nosed breeds like Labradors and Retrievers who are especially susceptible because the liquid builds up along the nose area where it meets their eyelids- causing them to scratch more frequently than average pups.

However, any dog can develop this problem if they scratch or rub their eyes too much for a prolonged period of time. While it is not dangerous to have eye gunk in your pup’s face and isn’t typically associated with pain- there are several ways that you can help prevent problems before they happen!

How to Clean It?



The first step to cleaning your dog’s eyes is knowing what you’re looking for. Eye gunk may look like a major problem, but it can be pretty easy to fix if caught early!  You should definitely keep an eye on their face and check in with them regularly so they don’t have too much time where they are scratching at it without anyone noticing- which could lead to more significant problems down the road.

When Should You Worry About It?

If you notice that your pup is scratching at their face a lot more than usual, it could be time to make an appointment with the vet. If they are constantly rubbing or scratching, this means something isn’t right which should not go untreated! This can include eye infections such as conjunctivitis and blisters on top of ulcers. So don’t wait for them to start feeling pain before taking action because it might already be too late by then!

In some cases, dogs have had an accumulation over many weeks without anyone catching it until there was no other option but surgery if the problem continued developing further into their eyes. While these things may seem scary, remember that they are much less likely to happen when caught early in most cases

Tips for Preventing the Problem in the Future

One of the best ways to prevent dog eye gunk is by taking your pup for regular vet checkups. This will help you monitor their health throughout the year and make sure that they are getting everything out of life that they deserve!

We also recommend taking on a routine where you wipe down their face gently with a warm washcloth every night before bedtime just to remove any built up dirt or oils from during the day. If there is an accumulation, all it takes is one good session with some wipes or gentle cleansing solution- but we wouldn’t recommend using anything too harsh as this could irritate them more than usual if done incorrectly.

We understand that it feels like there is always something to worry about when your pup isn’t feeling their best- but by taking a few precautions and checking in regularly, you should be able to keep this problem at bay! A good way of doing so is by wiping down their face every day with some gentle cleansing solution or wet wipes just to remove any built up dirt as we mentioned earlier.

In addition, make sure they are getting enough sleep which will help them stay healthy during the night time hours where most dogs tend to scratch more frequently than usual due to discomfort from allergies or skin irritations!

Signs That Your Dog Needs Medical Attention

If you notice that your puppy’s eyes are constantly watering, this could indicate an increase in the gunk build up that is causing them to scratch more than usual. If they seem like their vision is being affected by something as well- or if there isn’t a noticeable reason for why they would be rubbing so much at their face and it doesn’t go away after washing it with water alone then contact our office immediately!

We also recommend contacting us right away if you see any other changes in behavior such as lethargy, loss of appetite or swelling around the area when compared to previous checkups where everything seemed fine. These symptoms can all mean different things but generally point towards some form of discomfort that should not go ignored even if we do


We hope you have enjoyed this article on how to clean dog eye gunk. If you are still unsure of whether it is time for your puppy’s eyes to be checked, there are some signs that may indicate the need for a vet visit. A persistently runny nose or watery eyes can be an indication that something more serious could be going on with their health- don’t hesitate to contact us if you think your furry friend needs medical attention!