Doggie Dynamics: Potty Training Your Pooch

If you’re thinking about adding a member to your family, you’ll also want to consider that, that means having one more mouth to feed, and someone else to clean up after. And, this is especially true if you’re considering a pet.

According to experts its imperative to teach pets, especially puppies about proper hygiene as soon and as early as possible. But, they note that you must remain realistic and not expect too much. Remember, much like babies, puppies are still in their formative years and should not be expected to have full or adequate control of their sphincter muscle. In fact, professionals point out that it’s not uncommon for puppies up to six months old to use the living room floor or rug as a “potty”. However, they note that with proper patience, love, and persistent training, such problems can be put in the past.

Denote a spot where your puppy IS allowed to “go” and point it out, making it obvious to him or her that’s what the spot should be used for. Note his or her patterns and bring him or her to the spot soon after he or she wakes up and after eating, drinking or playing. If however your catch your canine peeing or pooping in an inappropriate spot, simply “escort” him or her to the proper area reinforcing it as an acceptable bathroom spot.

Make sure also to keep a system of proper scolding and rewarding for behaviors. Compliment your pooch verbally and rub his or her ears and back each time he or she goes to the right spot, and after a few compliments, you may also want to consider scolding when he or she disobeys. And, make sure that the “punishment” fits the “crime” and takes place immediately after the incident so that your pet can make the proper association.

Success say experts depends on repetition of action. Taking that into account, they suggest planning meals at regular times and intervals, about three times a day. And they suggest teaching your pet to ration his or her food by offering a large bowl of food and allowing him or her to figure out how often the bowl will be replenished.