How to Fix Dog Urine Spots on Lawns: Get Rid of Pee and Odor


If you have a dog, you may have noticed how your pup likes to leave “pee spots” on the lawn. This is not only frustrating for pet owners, but it also leaves an awful smell in the yard and can cause discoloration of grass. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of urine smells and stains so that your property is left clean again. Here are some tips to help keep your lawn looking its best this summer!

Hose down pee spot as soon as possible when it happens with fresh water-the sooner you get the urine off before it dries, the better chance you’ll be able to remove all traces of odor from both grass and concrete areas where dogs like to go potty.

Why Dog Urine Burns Grass

Dogs are man’s best friend and love your lawn just as much, but their urine has a nasty side-effect. Not only does dog pee leave burned patches of grass in its wake due to the high nitrogen content, it can also be hard on sensitive gardens like those belonging to female dogs who have been unfairly accused for ruining green yards all too often because they produce more concentrated urine than males do.

Female dogs are usually blamed when male pets come running out with burnt spots where there once was healthy turfgrass after urinating everywhere; however, research shows that both sexes have an equal amount of noxious compounds present in their urinary tract which is what leaves behind bad consequences for any homeowners looking forward to lush greenery!

Don’t let your dog’s pee burn the grass! All dogs can get into trouble with urine, but male and female puppies need to be watched for urinating in one concentrated area because they might cause an electrical fire from their urine. Male or female pups that squat when they pee are more likely to create a hazardous situation than larger dogs who lift their leg while doing it.

One thing about owning a dog is you have to constantly be on the lookout for those pesky urine spots. It can really damage your lawn if it’s not taken care of quickly, but luckily there are many ways to tackle this issue with varying degrees of difficulty and success.


As we all know, dogs will mark their territory by urinating near objects or places they often go in order to alert other animals that they’re present and also protect themselves from being attacked during mating season when others may mistake them as an intruder. Unfortunately these little white droplets don’t just magically disappear after hitting the ground – unless you catch them right away! Luckily though I’ve found some helpful tips so even that doesn’t stop us anymore.

How to Fix Dog Pee Spots on Lawns

Dog urine can be a problem for any lawn, especially when you’re trying to take care of it. Luckily there are some quick and easy ways that work really well in the specific cases with dog pee on your lawn! There’s two types: green spots or brown spots. Green is caused by drinking too much water so make sure they have enough access to fresh water at all times while living near their wetland habitats during summertime heat waves where dehydration may happen quickly.

Brown comes from eating grass which should only last 24-48 hours before returning back into its natural green color again as long as dogs aren’t constantly feeding off them day after day people often mistake this type for moldy patches but if left unattended then will turn dark brown within weeks.

How to Fix Green Lawn Spots

Your dog’s urine is naturally high in nitrogen- an essential plant nutrient. This explains why your Fido’s favorite spots can become greener than the surrounding grass, this happens primarily on grass that hasn’t had enough nitrogen from fertilizer and could be happening to your whole lawn if it needed some extra love!

A recent study by the University of Florida has shown that in order to achieve a healthy, green lawn you should be sure your soil pH is at 6.5 or higher with an organic acid-producing component for buffering purposes (examples: peat moss and pine needles). Using Pennington UltraGreen Lawn Fertilizer 34-0-4 will increase drought tolerance which can help combat over watering problems as well as maintaining lush grasses due to its increased nutrient uptake properties.

How to Fix Brown Lawn Spots

Heinous cases of dog urine lawn damage are the result of brown spots in which your healthy and beautiful grass has died. These types of patches can be fixed by watering them deeply to flush out salt from freshwater that’s been soaked up onto the ground after a peeing session in our yard. There may also be minor instances where some water is needed if there appears to have been just one or two puddles, but for severe action we recommend waiting until it rains again before tackling this type too – watching as nature does its thing will typically work wonders!

Keep your yard looking spiffy following a dog urine mishap with the help of Pennington One Step Complete. This all-in-one remedy for dog lawn spots combines drought-tolerant, water conserving premium grass seed and professional grade fertilizer to replace any dead patches caused by accidents in just one application!

Like most people, you probably have a pet at home that loves to run around the yard. In order for your grass to grow and get established with strong healthy roots before it’s ready for Fido or any other pets in the neighborhood, be sure not to allow them on new lawn seed until there has been enough time passed since planting. This is usually about 3-4 weeks after seeding which may seem like forever!


If you want to get rid of dog urine spots on your lawn, it’s important that you understand what is causing them. It can be difficult to remove the smell from grass because there are many different factors involved in how long they linger and why some people think ammonia-based cleaners work better than others. The quickest way to find out if an odor removal solution will actually solve your problem for good is by testing it before using any more time or money trying something new.