Reasons Your Dog Destroys His Toys: What Can You Do?


Have you ever watched your dog chew and destroy their toys? They may be cute, but they can also get expensive. Why do dogs seem to love destroying their toys so much? There are a few reasons why this might happen. In this blog post, we will discuss common reasons that dogs destroy their toys and what you can do about it!

What are Dog Toys?

The first thing to mention is what dog toys are. Dog toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all have one main purpose: entertaining and engaging with your canine companion!

What Causes Dogs to Destroy Their Toys?

There are many reasons why dogs destroy their toys during playtime. Some common ones include:

  • The toy may be too hard, causing them discomfort while chewing the toy or playing tug-of-war games with it.
  • You could’ve given them an old, worn out toy that has lost its appeal.
  • They might not like how it smells (or taste) because of where you got it from or the materials used to make it.

Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons why your dog might destroy their toys.

  • Dogs are natural hunters – they love chasing things and ripping them apart.
  • A dog may have a strong prey drive, which means he’s more likely to destroy his toys.
  • Some dogs are just aggressive by nature.
  • If your dog is bored or not getting enough exercise, he’ll be more destructive in general.
  • Sometimes the toy itself can cause problems – if it has loose parts that fall off easily, for example.

Importance of Dog Toys

Many people might not think too much about it, but dog toys are an important part of a canine’s life. They provide mental stimulation and can serve as substitute prey when your pup is feeling restless or bored.

Listed below are some of the benefits of playing with your pet using toys:

  • Toys help dogs practice their predatory skills without harming anyone or anything. Imagine if they only had humans to play with!
  • Dog chew sticks also offer them hours of satisfying chewing that helps keep their teeth clean and healthy while providing entertainment at the same time. You should consider getting one for your pup today!

How To Stop Your Dogs From Chewing On Their Toys?

There are many things you can do to help your pup not destroy their toys. Some helpful tips include:

  • Feeding a healthy diet that doesn’t contain any sugar or other substances as these can cause increased chewing and licking behaviors in some dogs.
  • Try giving them chew sticks, which provide hours of satisfying chewing while keeping teeth clean and healthy at the same time – You could also try providing an interactive treat toy to give him something to do!


A dog’s need to chew on objects is an instinctual behavior. Chewing helps a pup clean her teeth, which can help prevent tartar buildup and other oral issues. Toys that are too hard or don’t have enough soft parts for the dog to chew on will result in destruction of said toy and may lead your pet to find something else around the house they could get their jaws onto. Softer toys with more nooks and crannies should make it easier for your dog to enjoy playing without destroying everything in sight!